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Are you getting the real PRP treatment?

Judith E Taranto, RN

I went for a PRP treatment at a reputable Beverly Hills Spa. I was surprised when I was only given about .4cc (less than 1/2 a syringe) of what they called PRP. Did they activate the Platelets? I didn’t see them do it. They didn’t clean my face with an anitiseptic and they also limited my injections of  PRP to my naso-labial area area, my marionette line and eye trough. They then used hyaluronic acid to micro-needle the rest of my face. All this was priced at $1,500.

This is what no one is telling you. That isn’t a REAL PRP treatment.

At SPV Therapy we give you anywhere from 4-10 syringes of platelet rich plasma injected into your face, (4 syringes-$625) neck, and decollete (10 syringes-$1,000)  then we take about 20-30 cc  of platelet poor plasma and we smear it all over your face, neck and decollette (depending on which plan you choose) and we micro-needle your face. Then we follow with 9 treatments of light therapy ( $1,500 plan )to enhance the process-all this for $625-$1,500.

Can you see the difference?  Less than 1/2 syringe PRP, hyaluronic acid and micro-needling for $1,500 or 4-10 syringes of PRP+PPP+micro-needing+light therapy ($1,500 plan) for $625-$1,500.


Which is the best deal?

Judith Taranto


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