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Lasers vs. LED’s

Let’s talk about collagen-
Collagen is a protein and as a protein collagen is synthesized (or formed) continuously in your body unless you have certain collagen deficiencies (scurvy or the lack of vitamin C is known to inhibit the production of collagen properly and the skin become fragile, wounds do not heal, skin discolors, among other results). Collagen chains are synthesized as longer precursors called “procollagens” and then transported or secreted into the extra cellular space after it is processed and assembled and these collagen molecules then polymerize to from Type I collagen.
There are 12-27 different collagen types (scientists disagree on the division). Type I collagen is the most abundant in the human body; it is present in scar tissue and is the end product when tissue heals itself by repair. This is the type of collage that our LED lights eventually forms. Type III collagen is the collagen of granulation tissue and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type of I collagen is synthesized. Our LEDs stimulate these fibroblasts which produce Type III collagen which eventually forms Type I collagen.
As we age genetics, (Intrinsic – internal aging) and Environmental (Extrinsic – external aging) slows the skin’s ability to repair itself from free-radical damage. Lasers work on reducing wrinkles by actually damaging the tissue causing Type I collage to be produced in the healing process. Our LED lights are non-invasive and do not harm the skin, but rather stimulate fibroblasts which produce collagen which repairs our skin damage.
To summarize:
Collagen Elastin Synthesis
LED Light Therapy stimulates energy production in the cells by increasing production of ATP. This increase in energy kicks the fibroblasts into overdrive thereby increasing collagen production and returning elastin to its original glue-like nature.
If you can stimulate thickening and tightening of the skin you can reverse the effects of premature aging.



Lasers or LED’s?

So the question is “are lasers more effective than LED’s for light therapy?” The answer is NO! Everyone thinks that lasers work better since they cost more whenthey are simply throwing away money. Once a laser light enters the skin it is no longer a collumated beam of light, it is basically the same as an LED.

The advantage of the LED’s are that they disperse lights up to 40 degrees at an angle so they cover a larger area. If you use a unit with several LED’s you cover a much larger area at a time, which is very important when working with larger muscles groups. An infrared LED will actually penetrate much deeper than a red laser.

Penetration of LED’s are measured in wavelengths or nanometers (NM). The basic rule is the higher the nm. the deeper the penetration.

Hope that gives you some insight into LED (Lighting Emitting diodes). Follow me for a weekly blog of what’s new in LED for skin rejuvenation-acne therapy and pain therapy.

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