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The Benefits of Light Therapy and PRP

Hello fellow clients,

I have a client who came to me last December for Botox. When she entered the Spa I noticed how red her face was. After her Botox treatment I asked her what was the redness on her face. She sadly told me she had developed Rosacea the last few years.

I asked her if she was doing anything to correct it. She shook her head no. I knew then I had to see if I could help her improve the appearance of the Rosacea. I offered her a complimentary 10 treatments of Light Therapy-which included Red and infrared light. I gave her a skin regimen and told her to avoid Red wine and alcohol if at all possible.

10 treatments later we saw a huge improvement. She was so excited she booked another 10 treatments with light therapy. In the interim I had added Platelet Rich Plasma to our menu at the SPA and asked her if she wanted to be a guinea pig. There was a 50/50 chance I could aggravate the Rosacea or improve it.

All the research and training told me she would get better. So we did her PRP injections into her face and areas of Rosacea and then Micro-needled PPP(platelet poor plasma) into her face, neck, décolleté.

Again her results were amazing. She says I can live with this. Her Rosacea is still there but there is an 80% improvement. Her papules are gone and the redness on her nose was decreased. She was so ecstatic that she has booked another PRP with micro-needing for next month.





You hear and see a lot of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments at a really cheap price. Am sure you are wondering will this work? I wonder how anyone can offer such cheap prices and really offer a good treatment.
I’ve sparingly added all the cost to give a client the best Platelet treatment and can never come up with the outrageous prices I see out there.
I chose the Harvest SmartPrep3 System because they promise the highest platelet concentration.
Does concentration matter? Of course, it’s the key to great results.
The Harvest Smart Prep system has the ability to generate up to 1.5 million platelets/ul of PRP. Some other systems do not produce high enough platelet concentration to facilitate angiogenesis- a biological process critical to healing.
While platelets are the primary components of PRP, preparations also contain other cellular components such as white blood cells (WBC) and peripheral stem cells. These key components play a biological role in the healing process. Platelets are rich in growth factors which support several key processes, including stem cell recruitment, angiogenesis, cell proliferation and differentiation. When more platelets are isolated in a PRP preparation, more growth factors can be delivered to the application site.
Growth factor concentration is directly proportional to platelet concentration. PRP produced using the Harvest SmartPrep 3 Multicellular Processing System delivers the highest concentration and yield of platelets when compared to 12 other systems.*****
*****Compare the numbers: HARVESTTECH.COM/clinician

Judith Taranto


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