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Ultraslim light therapy for fat loss= RED LIGHT THERAPY

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I recently went to a facility for what they promised would be an instant loss of 2-3 inches. What they failed to say was that it would not really be visible. After 6 different areas of measurements, the numbers were fed to a computer which verified that I had loss 3.8 inches of fat. That cost me $200 at 60% of the usual cost ($500). They informed me that I would need at least 6-10 treatments at $500/treatment. ($3000-$5000) Well I can say, I was speechless.

As the RN at SPV Therapy I do all the treatments, so I always like to try the treatments we offer on myself so I have first hand experience. I do this by doing the treatments on myself or going to other facilities to experience what they have to offer. I also compare prices for the same treatments we offer. Most, if not all of the time we offer a better price for the same treatments.


The effectiveness of this treatment can become more effective when the user indulges in positive, healthy lifestyle such as minimal low impact exercises and healthy eating.
A vibration session after the treatments help to stimulate your lymphatic system to rid of the fat as well as hydrating before and after each session.

The therapy delivers a burst of energy into body tissues and cells, causing them to be stimulated in order to burn fat steadily. The therapy also provides healing from within, as more fat is eliminated.

It is expected that red light therapy for slimming will require 3-4 treatments per week for a total of 20 treatments with continuous maintenance treatments, 1-2 treatments per week in order to sustain its weight loss effects and visible results. Followed by a 10 minute vibration plate session. Please note: we eat every day,we bathe every day, we have to work every day and so its the same to maintain a physically aesthetic look to our bodies.

The fat contents are eliminated from the body as part of their excreta, which means fat won’t come back!
It is recommended to undergo about 3 – 20 treatment sessions to observe sustainable and visible results.

Judith Taranto


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